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Welsh Events and Activities for Adults Survey 2019-20

Menter Bro Ogwr wants to gather information from adults in the county about what kind of events and activities they would like to attend through the medium of Welsh. The information on this form will be used to measure the demand for us to know what opportunities to provide in the near future. We would be very grateful if you could complete the online questionnaire below and then share it with your contacts.

Bridgend County Borough Ambassadors

During Whitsun week 29 May – 3 June, the County Borough of Bridgend welcomes the whole of Wales, as the Urdd Eisteddfod opens its doors on an area of ​​Pencoed College to some 90,000 visitors over six days, and we want to give ‘ the warmest welcome possible for them! We are calling for Welsh speaking volunteers, who are passionate about our area to join our Bridgend Ambassadors, and receive training ready to offer hospitality and local information service to visitors of the festival.

A group of approximately twenty volunteers will be ambassadors for Bridgend. They will share a love for the area and will be interested in continuing to learn and share information about the culture, wildlife, history, art, and food in the county. They will engage with visitors to our area in many different ways, such as meeting and greeting at events, support groups to shape their visit, writing blogs, sharing local knowledge with families and generally doing what they can to raise the profile of the region. Being an Ambassador is a lot of fun and is very rewarding. Here’s what our current Ambassadors have to say:
“Just a word to say how valuable an experience the training as an ambassador was. Not only have we learned so much about the area, but we have also developed a small community of people who have a really strong common goal, which is to take every opportunity to promote our special part of Wales”

“Engaging in the Ambassadors program has been a wonderful way to learn about our heritage, music and local folklore, as well as enjoying some great tours of the leading visitor attractions, and a few secrets of the area as well.”

In addition, the benefits of being an ambassador include: • Access to a series of training and enjoyable excursions • self development • Networking with other people of like mind, and tourism businesses in the area • A sense of contributing to the community and the region in general, and the satisfaction that comes with it. • Free admission to events for those who volunteer at events • A certificate and identity card which so that you are recognized as an Ambassador of Bridgend.
Training is free and commitment of time is just two days. These days will be based on a workshop learning about the treasures of the region. The training will include information about the history, folklore, heritage, culture and natural delights of Bridgend County.

You will need to attend two training sessions, which are set out above, and be available to volunteer for at least one half-day session on the Eisteddfod field during Whitsun week. As Ambassadors of Bridgend, you can then participate in volunteer activities as they occur throughout the year. Ambassadors who volunteer at the Eisteddfod will receive free access to the area during their volunteer day, and can enjoy some of the performances of the 15,000 children under 25 who will compete in top cultural competitions such as singing, dancing, reciting and performing. At least two volunteer Ambassadors will work on each day of the festival. We are specifically looking for individuals who are able to converse in Welsh, and this training will be held in Welsh, with support materials offered in both English and Welsh.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Angharad on / 07786 256722.




We are a market research company in Cardiff called Strategic Research & Insight. We have recently been commissioned by BBC Wales to recruit Welsh speakers in South East Wales to undertake research on a new temporary station Radio Cymru are piloting.
We are contacting a variety of companies and organisations in the area to see whether they would help us by forwarding a very short online survey to Welsh speakers within their company or organisation.
For more information, and to complete the short online survey, click on the following link:
We would really appreciate your help and should you require any further information about the research, please do not hesitate to contact Mike Davies at Strategic Research and Insight via email
Further information about the new station can be found here:
Arbrawf gorsaf dros dro Radio Cymru Mwy i ddechrau, BBC Cymru Fyw, 02-Awst-2016
BBC yn enwi gwasanaeth radio newydd dros dro, Golwg 360, 02-Awst-2016
Pop-up digital station BBC Radio Cymru Mwy to launch, BBC News, 02-August-2016

Menter Bro Ogwr’s Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner

Cyfarfod Blynyddol a Swper Nadolig 2015

Come and celebrate Christmas in style with a 3 course dinner at the Farmers in Nottage! A perfect opportunity to meet and socialise with other Welsh speakers and learners from the county.

£18.95 for a 3 course dinner.

The dinner will start at 7:45pm immediately after our annual meeting.

Spaces are limited so it will be first come, first serve! We won’t be accepting any bookings after the 25th of November. Be sure to book before this date in order to avoid any dissapointment.

Menter Bro Ogwr’s annual meeting will be held before the supper at 7:00pm. You are all welcome to join us and hear about Menter Bro Ogwr’s work over the last year.

Are you passionate about the Welsh language? Would you like to play a role in the developments of the language in Bridgend county? We need you! Menter Bro Ogwr is looking for new members for our management committee and this meeting is your opportunity to be elected. Join us and let’s see the Welsh language thriving in Bro Ogwr!

All welcome!

Cerdd Dant Festival comes to Porthcawl

Gŵyl Cerdd Dant 2015

Europe’s largest One Day Festival is coming to Porthcawl!

The Gŵyl Cerdd Dant is the largest one day competing festival in Europe and it gives a stage to some of Wales’s favourite folk traditions every year.

Not only can we look forward to solos, duets and Cerdd Dant choirs, there will also be a chance to hear recital parties, traditional folk singing, harp solos and duets, and there will be plenty of noise as the folk and clog dancing start. Join in the fun and come to the Grand Pavilion Saturday, the 14th of November 2015!

Gŵyl Cerdd Dant 2015 2