Menter Bro Ogwr’s Annual Meeting and Christmas Dinner

Cyfarfod Blynyddol a Swper Nadolig 2015

Come and celebrate Christmas in style with a 3 course dinner at the Farmers in Nottage! A perfect opportunity to meet and socialise with other Welsh speakers and learners from the county.

£18.95 for a 3 course dinner.

The dinner will start at 7:45pm immediately after our annual meeting.

Spaces are limited so it will be first come, first serve! We won’t be accepting any bookings after the 25th of November. Be sure to book before this date in order to avoid any dissapointment.

Menter Bro Ogwr’s annual meeting will be held before the supper at 7:00pm. You are all welcome to join us and hear about Menter Bro Ogwr’s work over the last year.

Are you passionate about the Welsh language? Would you like to play a role in the developments of the language in Bridgend county? We need you! Menter Bro Ogwr is looking for new members for our management committee and this meeting is your opportunity to be elected. Join us and let’s see the Welsh language thriving in Bro Ogwr!

All welcome!